Wednesday, November 18, 2009

How to Buy Last Minute Jersey Boys tickets in New York City

I just got off the phone with Karen from upstate New York. Karen has been searching the Internet for hours today trying to obtain tickets for Jersey Boys at the August Wilson Theater for this Saturday November 21, 2009. The 2pm performance.

Apparently she found seats that she liked from one of the dozens of web sites around except the ticket prices were over $200.00 each in the front mezzanine. When she asked me what I thought about the company she was going to buy from, I said I have heard of them. However before filling out her credit card and personal information on their shopping cart page form, I suggested that she make sure there were no "extra fees" for securing the seats. Unfortunately, until you give up your personal information and credit number, Karen really wouldn't know the final price to pay. This made her feel uncomfortable as often ticket company web sites display a "loss leader" price then tack on allot of fees. Especially for a hard to get show like Jersey Boys in New York.

I decided to do some research for Karen as our company Applause Ticket Agency in New York City is always looking to make a new customer whenever we can. As luck would have it, I simply made a call and within a few minutes was able to get the 5 tickets my new customer wanted. And in the first and second rows of the front mezzanine center section. These seats are often sold as premium seats commanding over $300 a piece. Instead I was able to purchase them for less than half that, add on a small service charge and sell them to Karen for the $175.00 she originally had in her budget to pay.

Jersey Boys may indeed be one of the hottest and most popular shows ever to play on Broadway. Still most folks don't want to fork over $200 to $300 a ticket. Why should people overpay for the experience of seeing a Broadway Show?

I'm a sales person but I'm also a consumer. I think it is about time that consumers shop around and call company after company to find the best prices and service. Don't you?

There are a ton of ticket companies out there. The questions I would ask if I were a consumer in need of Broadway tickets is simple really.

1. Can I talk with a local ticket expert that will give me as much time and information needed to make a decision?

2. Will they disclose the "face value" printed on the ticket?

3. Will I receive an email confirmation for my purchase?

4. Was the cancellation policy explained?

These questions and anything else you feel you might need to ask of the ticket agency are all fair questions for sure. Just make sure you feel comfortable with the person you are about to buy tickets from.

And enjoy the live Broadway experience. I hope this information was helpful to you and others in your life.

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