Monday, November 09, 2009

Next To Normal-A Must See

This past Spring I had the opportunity to see a show called Next To Normal. It is a new musical which features a wide assortment of musical styles and subject matter that is rarely seen nowadays on the Great White Way. Going into the show I had heard some of the songs but that was pretty much all I knew except that it dealt with a family in crisis.

First off let me say that I loved the score. Not only is the music fresh and different but it really touches you in a way that most musicals of today do not. Yes the subject matter can be depressing and somewhat serious at times. Big deal. That's life. We have all gone thru things at one time in our life that have changed who and what we are. Some good. Some bad. It's how we cope with these changes that make us not only stronger but into the people we are today.

Sure the show may not be mainstream like Mamma Mia or Wicked. That's what makes it special. Shows like these don't come around too often. I applause the producers for taking a chance. Will the show be around in say or year or so? I don't know. I would like to think that there is a place on Broadway for a show like Next To Normal. Hopefully six months from now I will still be blogging about this amazing show. It's up to you.

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