Thursday, April 30, 2009

"Accent on Youth" Opens on Broadway to Some Mixed Reviews

Unfortunately I have yet to see "Accent on Youth" starring one of my favorite TV/Broadway celebrities David Hyde Pierce. You see, this time of year, right before the Tony cut off, we are overwhelmed with so many shows opening and this happened to overlap with some of the other shows that I really wanted to see. Some of my friends did catch the show and liked it well enough as did the critics. No big raves by any means but the NY Times(the most important one) did like it quite a bit. So here is a roundup of all the major reviews for your reading pleasure;

[ NYT ] ArtsBeat: A Modern Man for a 1930s Comedy By ERIK PIEPENBURG
David Hyde Pierce, the star of "Spamalot," "Curtains" and "Frasier," talks about performing in the Broadway revival of "Accent on Youth."
[ NYT ] Audio Slide Show: Playing a Playwright
David Hyde Pierce talks about starring in the revival of "Accent on Youth."
[ NY ] Mary Catherine Garrison on Romancing David Hyde Pierce in Broadway's Accent on Youth
[ HC ] David Hyde Pierce Shines In 'Accent On Youth' By MALCOLM JOHNSON
With David Hyde Pierce giving a finely measured display of wit and sophistication as playwright Steven Gaye, Daniel Sullivan's production largely succeeds in restoring Raphaelson's reputation.
Accent on Youth is an ageless charmer, with more vigor than many modern shows-as well as a touch of wisdom.
[ BR ] '30s revival pushes nostalgia buttons BY ROBERT FELDBERG
The play is imperfect - the characters' motivations don't always make sense, and the plot takes a dubious turn - but it's amusing and charming, and effortlessly pushes our nostalgia buttons.
[ NYT ] Too Old to Be Hot? Not This Guy By CHARLES ISHERWOOD
Age has not exactly withered this 1934 comedy about a May-December romance in the theater world. But it has not done it any great favors either.
[ TM ] Accent on Youth Reviewed by: David Finkle
David Hyde Pierce leads an adept cast in Samson Raphaelson's mildly entertaining if dated comedy about theater folk.
[ V ] Accent on Youth Review by David Rooney
David Hyde Pierce's effortless timing makes this antiquated comedy tick by painlessly enough.
[ TB ] Accent on Youth Review by Matthew Murray
If it's as hoary a museum piece as one can imagine, at least Sullivan, Hyde Pierce, Garrison, and the others have made it as pristine as possible. Because of the talent of everyone involved, you'll probably be glad you saw Accent on Youth. But you'll be even happier when you can jump back in your time machine and head home.
[ ND ] 'Accent on Youth' starring David Hyde Pierce BY LINDA WINER
The well-dressed production is more than dutiful, but less than scintillating. It's merely pleasant in the leisurely, mild-mannered style of elevated summer stock.
[ AP ] 'Youth' examines a May-December romance By MICHAEL KUCHWARA
Not that Raphaelson's play is a lost masterpiece, but the revival that Manhattan Theatre Club opened Thursday at Broadway's Samuel J. Friedman Theatre is an amiable, minor-league diversion.
[ THR ] Review: Accent on Youth By Frank Scheck
This vintage drawing-room comedy is showing its age.
[ AMNY ] Review of Accent on Youth by Matt Windman (2 out of 4 Stars)
[ EW ] Review: Accent on Youth By Jeff Labrecque (C-)
[ BS ] Accent on Youth - Reviewed by ERIK HAAGENSEN
"Accent on Youth" is the kind of play for which the word "chestnut" was appropriated. No doubt titillating and somewhat sophisticated in its day, in 2009 it just creaks, groans, and lumbers its way across the stage of the former Biltmore Theatre despite the best efforts of a talented company.
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