Tuesday, April 28, 2009

NY Times, Critics and I all Loved "Desire Under the Elms"!!

Directly from its critically acclaimed run at Chicago's Goodman Theatre comes a work of monumental passion and epic sensuality. An intense erotic journey. An experience you will not soon forget... Eugene O'Neill's DESIRE UNDER THE ELMS, starring two-time Tony Award winner Brian Dennehy, stage and screen star Carla Gugino, and Tony nominee Pablo Schreiber, under the direction of Tony Award Winner Robert Falls.
The show will run for a strictly limited 12-week engagement at the ST. James Theatre (246 West 44th Street).
Previews began April 14th, 2009 in preparation for Opening Night which took place last night, Monday, April 27th

I was so caught up in this show and found it to be riveting in every respect and so did the critics. Here's a round up of all the reviews for your reading pleasure;

Desire Under the Elms:
[ NYT ] Audio Slide Show: The Hovering House
Walt Spangler talks about the house he designed for the set of "Desire Under the Elms."
[ NYT ] A High Freudian Love Triangle With Three Sharp Points By CHARLES ISHERWOOD
Rarely has sexual passion been depicted with such tense, animalistic ferocity as it is in this gutsy revival of Eugene O'Neill's "Desire Under the Elms."
Leave your sense of irony at home and embrace the insanity, and you won't find a more intense experience on Broadway.
[ CT ] Goodman's 'Desire Under the Elms' brings its steamy heat to Broadway
O'Neill purists don't like this show. They're failing to see that Falls has done their man a favor.
[ BS ] Desire Under the Elms - Reviewed by DAVID SHEWARD
As he did with his groundbreaking 1999 revival of 'Death of a Salesman', Robert Falls shatters expectations and forces us to rethink an American classic.
[ NJ ] Intense 'Desire Under the Elms' arrives on B'way by MICHAEL KUCHWARA, The Associated Press
"Desire Under the Elms" may not be of such high rank as "Long Day's Journey" or "Iceman," but Falls' startling, enormously imaginative reinvention makes a strong case of it. In other words, this revival is a must for any serious theatergoer.
[ ND ] Review: "Desire Under the Elms" BY LINDA WINER
These powerful actors buy it, which makes us willing to suspend vast stretches of inevitable disbelief.
[ V ] Desire Under the Elms Review By DAVID ROONEY
Transferring from Chicago's Goodman Theater, where it was the centerpiece of a Eugene O'Neill festival, the staging is grimly overwrought, with an intensity that never quite translates into emotional impact, yet its unyielding harshness is undeniably compelling.
[ CU ] Desire Under the Elms
Fortunately, this production has enough striking scenes to offset the risks of its excessively high concept staging
[ TM ] Desire Under the Elms Reviewed by: David Finkle
Robert Falls serves up a decibel-shattering production of Eugene O'Neill's passion-filled melodrama.
[ AMNY ] Review of Desire Under the Elms by Matt Windman (2.5 out of 4 Stars)
[ TB ] Desire Under the Elms Review by Matthew Murray
The crazed excesses polluting this production's every pore almost make the theater's last tenant, the Patti LuPone revival of Gypsy, look reasonable and restrained in comparison.
[ BN ] Dennehy's Menacing Farmer Looms in O'Neill's 'Elms': John Simon
The play runs to 100 tortured, and torturing, intermissionless minutes, perhaps to deny us a respite during which we might speculate about just how lucrative the trade in boulders could have been in 1850s New England.

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