Thursday, April 30, 2009

Buy Tickets for Shrek The Musical on Broadway- at BELOW FACE VALUE

Here's a tip Broadway fans. The best kept secret on Broadway right now is how fantastic Shrek The Musical really is. In addition, did you know you can see this amazing show for less than the regular FACE VALUE printed on the ticket?

It's true, prior to this years Tony Award nominations that are due out any day now (and we expect Shrek to get their share), our company, Applause Theater Service, the locally licensed Broadway Show ticketing experts, can help you obtain orchestra and front mezzanine seats for Shrek for much less than you'd pay if you bought tickets from any other ticket company.

Shrek The Musical is based on the William Steig cartoon adventures of Shrek and the Oscar-winning film of the same name. The main character is called Shrek, played by Brian d'Arcy James, who does an outstanding job on stage along with his co-stars, Sutton Foster (playing Princess Fiona) and Christopher Sieber (playing Lord Farquaad) and Daniel Breaker (playing the Donkey). This is truly a very funny show with lots and lots of laughs with great acting and music as well. Direction is by Jason Moore and the Book and Lyrics are by David Lindsay-Abaire with Music by Jeanine Moore. Don't miss this show, its one you'll never forget.

If Shrek wins several Tony Awards for excellence in the Broadway Theater, my guess is that these discounted tickets we have access to, may be discontinued. For now though, they could use the business at Shrek. So if you think this show might be fun for you and your loved ones to see, simply call Applause Theater Service in New York at 212-307-7050 or toll free at 800-451-9930 and ask for your amazing seats at BELOW FACE VALUE. Just say The Broadway Ticket Man sent you.

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