Wednesday, April 29, 2009

HAIR vs. WEST SIDE STORY: Broadway Tony Battle Begins/Two Shows Fight For Victory!

This is war…or anti-war…or something. Those crazy, love-loving kids from the hit revival of the revolutionary Broadway musical HAIR had a great opening night. It was a big one, and the critics couldn’t have been more harmonious in their praise for the show. The result is that there is now a battle of two shows for the best musical revival nod…and we’re not talking about Guys and Dolls(although it's still a great musical that should be seen).

This is a Broadway battle between the Arthur Laurent’s gangs from WEST SIDE STORY against the peace-loving nudies from HAIR. The prize is nothing less than Tony Awards, affection and most importantly an audience! West Side Story has had fantastic box-office numbers, and is the more “traditional” of the two shows. HAIR seems to have the advantage of retaining its credibility both as an anti-establishment show and as a relevant exploration of the complications of youth and is also selling extremely well.
Both shows are stunning Broadway, and it will be a battle worth watching as the two shows compete for the hearts
and minds of Tony voters, and audiences. What an amazing season on Broadway this is! I'd have to say my vote goes to Hair. Sorry Arthur! It just blew my socks off!

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