Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Great Deals on Phylicia Rashad in "August: Osage County"

I have some mixed feelings about this move for one of my favorite plays currently on Broadway, August:Osage County. First off, race aside, Phylicia Rashad is the wrong actress to play Violet. This is a terrible move by the producers(I think). Phylicia Rashad is a wonderful actress, but her presence in this fairly realistic play will raise a boatload of questions the play doesn't need. Is the character of Violet now supposed to really be African-American? And if so, won't the idea of an interracial couple getting together in Oklahoma all those decades ago hover over the play like an unwanted ghost, raising questions the plays not equipped to handle? This casting decision makes no more sense than having Vanessa Redgrave take over Rashad's role in "Raisin in the Sun." An all-black cast of "August:Osage" would be one thing (and might be very interesting, come to think of it), but this casting decision just seems like a stunt. I hope "Osage" doesn't become the "Chicago" of straight plays, where every celebrity (and near-celebrity) with time on their hands wanders through just long enough to put a Broadway credit in their bio.
But I won't know until I see her myself starting May 26th.

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