Wednesday, April 15, 2009

In the market for Broadway Theater Tickets? Don't pay more than you have on please

I cannot believe the ridiculously high prices that I see when I search for Broadway Show tickets on line, can you?

I've got a little secret for you current and future Broadway Show ticket buyers out there. The next time you are in the market for a ticket to one of Broadway's most popular shows like Wicked, Jersey Boys, Billy Elliot, South Pacific, West Side Story or Hair, or for that matter, just about every Broadway show playing in New York City right now-I need you to do yourself a favor please. Simply go on line and search for the Broadway Show or shows of your interest and shop for prices and seat locations. Then simply try to comparison shop from one company to the next. It's like buying a mattress, impossible to figure it all out I'm afraid.

I am actually one of the "old-time" legitimately New York State licensed theater ticket agents and officially represent every Broadway Show in town. Well dear theater friends, let me tell you that in all my 31 plus years of experience in Broadway ticket sales, I finally figured out why the public still doesn't know how to obtain the "best seats, best shows and best prices when making a theater ticket purchase. It's simple really, its all about confusion. You know the listing of seat numbers, fancy seating charts and often fictitious descriptions of where the seats are actually located.

There must be nearly a thousand companies listed on line (of course several of them simply have one site that they duplicate and triplicate and clone and re-clone and simply use different names. When I, myself do a search on line for theater tickets for Broadway Shows, almost all the sites have the same seats with similar pricing. Strange isn't it?

Here's the problem with buying tickets and while we are at it, maybe I can offer a solution as well. A simple call to a local Broadway expert like Applause Theater Service in New York City is all you need to get answers to your questions. No pressure to buy anything, no need to sign up for anything, just great "old-fashioned" personal service.

At Applause you will speak directly with a local New York City theater expert, someone who is licensed by the New York State Department of Licensing and who knows about all the shows and seating layouts. Someone who cares about the Broadway theater and their customers.

Just to show you that this blog post is trustworthy, maybe you want to "shop around" first. That's right, we're so confident that our service, seating and prices are first rate, that maybe you should do your homework, meaning call others in the business then kindly give us the opportunity to provide Applause's exceptional service.

If you can get "better seats at better prices" from any other legitimately licensed New York State ticket agency, I promise you as one of the founding partners of Applause nearly 22 years ago, that I will either match the price you were offered or send you a brand new crisp $10.00 bill for your trouble if we cannot. That's how confident I am in what Applause does for the theater-going public. More importantly, we will most likely have ticket prices for many shows that easily beat out others in the business. It's just the way we buy our seats really, kind of a secret but we pass on savings we get to you.

So remember please, I am guaranteeing you the best seats for the best shows at the best prices (or I'll match the price). Applause Theater Service will provide the best service, that we are 100 % sure of. If you think others can do better for you, we only ask you that you "show us how".

Here's a current and up-to-date Broadway Show listing. You are welcome to shop around. Remember Applause has a New York State license so any other comparison shopping price quote has to come from a New York State licensed ticket agency like ours please. So if another ticket agency can "beat our seats and pricing", we will either match the price or send you a $10.00 bill in the mail. I'll do it myself, I promise.

I am considered to be a modest person (although "chatty" I'm told). Of course we'd love for you to buy your tickets from Applause but we respect your right to "shop around".

One last thing theater lovers, I did guarantee that we "think we have the best Broadway ticket agency around". With this in mind, please let me leave you now with a "little New York City Insider's" tip. Checkout Restaurant Row, a great place with 16 restaurants all on one long New York City block (46th Street between Broadway and 8th Avenues). Sure to please even the most discriminating palate, I suggest you take my advice and have a look at their web site when you have a minute. The Applause family often dines out at many of these theater district restaurants before we, ourselves take in a Broadway Show.

We love the Broadway Theater and our jobs, really we do. We enjoy the folks that call us each and every day, whether they make a purchase or not. We're simply trying to bring what we think is the "right Broadway experience" to the theater-going public, that's all. If you simply give us the opportunity to help you find the right show at the right price and get you in the right seats of course, we know you'll be glad you called on Applause for sure.

I welcome the opportunity to hear from you and take care of your Broadway Show ticket needs personally if you'll allow me to. My colleagues Todd, Jay, Erik, Claudia, Carol, William and Billy look forward to hearing from you as well. We can be reached seven days a week at 212-307-7050 in our office in New York City or toll free at 800-451-9930 from 9am till 8pm most days.

Enjoy the Broadway Theater. For my money, there;s nothing like it folks.

Take care,
Rich Gladstone
Applause Theater Service
311 West 43rd Street, suite 601
New York, New York 10036
local phone 212-307-7050
toll free 800-451-9930
web site

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