Friday, April 10, 2009

Orchestra Or Mezzanine:Which Is Better

That's right theater fans. It's time for the Great Debate. Which is the best place to see a show? The Orchestra or the Mezzanine? In the five years that I have been working for Applause I have sold thousands of tickets to all types of shows both On and Off-Broadway. Say what you want but that's a lot of customers. Now we all know that every Broadway theater has both an upstairs and a downstairs. That has been the same for over one hundred years. The question is where do you sit? You could ask 100 people and I can almost guarantee that fifty people will say Orchestra and fifty people will say Mezzanine. Makes sense right? Everybody has their opinion on where is the best place to see a show. That will never change. To be honest sometimes I like sitting in the Orchestra and sometimes I like sitting in the Mezzanine. The truth is some theatres are bigger than others and while that is not always the reason for choosing my seats I guess it can make a difference some of the time. For example. Wicked at the Gershwin Theatre. It is Broadway's biggest theatre 1.809 seats. Sounds big right? But did you know that the Broadway theatre's are smaller than any theatre's in the country? Most people are amazed when I tell them that but it's the truth. Anyway back to Wicked. Having seen the show many times I can honestly say that the Mezzanine is the best play to see the show. That includes both the Front and the Rear. Plus you know that with a show based on the Wizard of Oz there are going to be things and or people flying around so by being upstairs you are really getting a great overall view. Not to say the Orchestra isn't good too. Remember it's just one man's opinion. Truth be told when it comes to the theatres on Broadway almost all the seats are good. Yes there are partial view and obstructed view seats but there is one advantage to those seats at well. A discount. In this day and age a inexpensive ticket is just as good. Like I said."It's just one man's opinion. Until next time theatre fans.


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