Thursday, April 30, 2009

What Does The Future Hold For Broadway?

Unless you're a big Broadway freak like me you probably didn't realize that yesterday marked the 13th Anniversary of Rent opening on Broadway. It got me thinking about how far Broadway has come since that date and where it is going as we head towards 2010. No show before or since has effected me the way that Rent has. Sure there have been shows over the years that have touched me. There are some that have even made me cry. Now I'm not saying that any of the shows currently running on Broadway don't belong. They do. From the Disney shows to classic revivals to new plays and musicals these shows have secured their place on Broadway. However this season alone has had over eighteen revivals of both plays and musicals. The one good thing is that of the nine new musicals that have opened on Broadway this season five were based on original stories and not a popular movie, book, or cartoon. That alone gives me hope for the future of Broadway as we move forward. I hope I am right.


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