Monday, April 13, 2009

Joe Turner's Come and Gone Opens on Broadway April 16, 2009-Get Discount Tickets Now

This blog is a short post to offer discount tickets (with excellent seating of course) to the revival of Joe Turner's Come and Gone. This play takes place in a boarding house in Pittsburgh in 1911. A man by the name of Harold Loomis gets released from prison and has been working on Joe Turner's chain gang for over 7 years. He then sets out to search for his wife Martha as well as find a place to live with his 11 year old daughter Zonia. Joe Turner's Come and Gone tells a story that speaks of several issues that involve slavery, religion and spirituality and the history of the roots of African Americans.

Right now you can obtain great tickets at below the regular face value for Joe Turner's Come and Gone at the Belasco Theater in New York City. The special discount offer is good through April 26, 2009, prior to its Broadway opening on April 16, 2009.

If you think you might want to secure excellent seats to Joe Turner's Come and Gone right now, you can place a call to Applause Theater Service, a New York State licensed ticket agency for the show and every Broadway Show in New York City. My guess is that the show will garner good reviews but that they will extend the discount offer for at least a month or so. There are no guarantees but in general, plays in New York don't sell nearly as well as musicals. So if you like good deals on Broadway tickets, give Applause a ring today.

Applause Theater Service is made up of a friendly group of local Broadway ticket experts. They operate a small but very high level of personal service and always offer the best seats, shows and prices in the ticket industry.

You can have a look at their HOME PAGE WELCOME VIDEO on their web site now. We look forward to hearing from you soon.

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