Monday, June 29, 2009

Billy Elliot Helping to Keep Broadway Theater Stronger Than Ever in 2009

It's been 3 weeks since the 2009 Tony Awards aired. Those of us in the ticket selling end of the Broadway theater business usually know which shows are going to become the "sold-out" mainstays for the next several years or so after the winners are announced. Although this past season on Broadway was much more exciting than in the last few years, it appears that ticket sales for 10 Tony Award winner Billy Elliot The Musical are starting to take off.

Billy Elliot The Musical is a terrific story based on the October 2000 release of the motion picture film called Billy Elliot. The film broke several box office records of the past, being nominated for 3 Golden Globes, 3 Oscars and 13 Baftas. The story follows the dreams and aspirations of a young boy from Northern England and his quest to become a ballet dancer. It takes place in the 1980's against the backdrop of turbulent times during a life threatening coal-miners strike in the Maggie Thatcher era.

There are 4 actors that alternate in the role of Billy Elliot. They all do a marvelous job as the show involves lots of dancing. Billy Elliot has won 10 Tony Awards in 2009 including Best Musical. Elton John wrote the music and book and lyrics are by Lee Hall. Stephen Daldry does a wonderful job directing Billy Elliot. The show has been a hit in London and is sure to play on Broadway for many years to come. In time, I am sure Billy Elliot will start to play to audiences around the United States as well. It's truly a great story of triumph over adversity.

Even as the recession was beginning to affect employment and consumer's spending habits in New York City during the earlier part of this year, sales for tickets to Billy Elliot The Musical were over 90 % occupancy. The recessionary times, at least in our city, seem to be lessening their hold on going to Broadway Shows, eating out and shopping. My opinion as someone who lives in New York City, is that Billy Elliot along with some help from a new crop of popular shows like West Side Story's revival, Hair The Musical's revival, God of Carnage and Next to Normal is that Broadway might emerge from these times as stronger than ever.

When you think about it, Billy Elliot's theme of difficult economic times, jobs being outsourced and unions having to renegotiate their terms and the dreams of young people making their own way in life, not simply doing exactly what their parents want them to-all directly correlate to the message in Billy Elliot The Musical. There are many lessons to be learned by young and older alike from this musical.

Although Broadway theater was holding up very well during the recession, I think Billy Elliot The Musical has brought about a very positive effect on Broadway in general. Right after the Tony Awards aired earlier this month, several shows started selling at a much faster pace at our company. We really feel that Billy Elliot is stirring up lots of excitement on Broadway. For itself and for many other shows as well.

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