Monday, June 29, 2009

Phantom of the Opera Still going Strong on Broadway

Is it possible that The Phantom of the Opera on Broadway is still one of the most popular shows ever? You bet it is my friends. I've been selling theater tickets for 31 years now and cannot believe how many times my customers go to see this show over and over again.

The Phantom of the Opera won 7 Tony Awards in 1988, which was the year my partner and friend Bill Stolting and I opened are little ticket agency in The Big Apple. The Phantom of the Opera won the much coveted Best Musical Tony Award that year as well thanks to the brilliance of Andrew Lloyd Webber's gorgeous music with lyrics by Richard Stilgoe and Charles Hart.

Still selling thousands of tickets every week, The Phantom of the Opera tells the mysterious story of Christine Daae, a beautiful young opera soprano and the disfigured musical genius that falls in love with her. His goal is to make Christine the new star of the Paris Opera as he exercises a reign of terror over everyone in his path. The setting is the Paris Opera House in the early 1900's. Originally not a very strong selling novel by Gaston Leroux, The Phantom of the Opera was made into a movie in 1925 and then a musical in 1986 appearing in London prior to its Broadway run.

The Phantom of the Opera is still "fresh" when you consider it has been playing on Broadway for over 20 years now. Howard McGillin stars as the current Phantom having played the role for more than 2000 performances and Jennifer Hope Wills plays the role of Christine. Ms. Wills is best known for co-starring with Brooke Shields in the most recent revival of A Wonderful Town a few years back on Broadway.

I have seen The Phantom of the Opera several times in New York and it is one of the better Broadway shows, particularly if you don't get the opportunity to see much theater. Right now our company has special access to amazing orchestra and front mezzanine seats at prices that are Below Face Value. BFV is simply a way our customers can gain access to The Phantom of the Opera and several other popular Broadway Shows at prices that are less than the regular printed price on the tickets.

So if you think you might want to buy yourself some tickets to The Phantom of the Opera at prices, consider calling Applause Theater Service in New York City a call. Remember to ask for the BFV ticket deal and tell them The Broadway Ticket Man sent you. You'll be so glad you did.

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