Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Call Applause Theatre Service For All Your London Ticket Needs

Getting ready to travel across the pond? I myself have never been to London. In fact in my thirty-six years on this earth I've pretty much stayed on the east coast. Not there's anything wrong with that. There's no place better than New York City. However if I ever get the chance to go to London I will definitely want to check out the theatre scene while I'm over there. London is home to some of the most exciting new shows not to mention thrilling productions of the theatre's most classic plays.Let's face it nobody writes a play like William Shakespeare. Am I right? But what if Hamlet is not your thing? How about Dirty Dancing? You've seen the movie. Why not see it live on stage? Or how about Jersey Boys? No need to worry though. Frankie Valli still has his "Nu Joisey" accent. Right now there are over sixty-five shows in London. Sure you probably won't have time to see them all but one or two might be fun. And if you don't know what to see just give us a call and we can recommend something for you. Were just a phone call away.

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