Thursday, June 18, 2009

A Day In The Life Of A Ticket Broker

What a miserable day outside. It's been raining cats and dogs since early this morning with no end in sight. It's days like these where I find myself struggling to find something to blog about. Don't get me wrong. I love blogging. It allows me to voice my opinion about theatre and quite frankly it makes the day go by a whole lot faster. To be honest with all the shows running and the many ones coming up in the next few months I should never have a problem finding something to write about.Maybe I'm just being lazy.Or maybe I just need a little inspiration. Since I was a kid theatre has always been the one constant in my life. Whenever I'm feeling sad or on days like today when I need a little motivation I know that a Broadway show will do the trick. That's the beauty of live theatre. There's nothing like it. Well what do you know? I guess I found something to write about after all.

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