Monday, June 29, 2009


I was almost 20 years old when the movie Mary Poppins was released. It was a great hit but received more notoriety because Julie Andrews won the Oscar as Best Actress and beat Audrey Hepburn who took Julie Andrews' role in My Fair Lady, who was also up for am academy award for Best Actress..

Mary Poppins was fantastic as a movie and it is even more fantastic as a Broadway Musical. I guess I started to appreciate it when Disney invited us to see previews of Mary Poppins. They had a full symphony orchestra play the music from Mary Poppins as a Classical Piece. It was then that it really struck me how spectacular the music to Mary Poppins is.
One of the advantages of Mary Poppins is that it has appeal for both adults and children. We have sold an incredible amount of tickets for Mary Poppins and have never had anyone tell us that they didn't like the show.

As I think about the setting, the music, the choreography, the acting, the voices and the special effects, it seems almost impossible to not like Mary Poppins. If you need to take someone to a Broadway show or if you would like to take someone to a Broadway show, Mary Poppins is ideal, no matter what age even a teenage boy (who will never admit he liked it). I wouldn't advise it for a Bachelor Party, however. But jokes aside, this version of Mary Poppins has an adult storyline as well as a Children's fairyland.

Another bonus is that Mary Poppins is one of the shows on Applause's BFV program. Prices are BELOW FACE VALUE. This is a real help these days where so many of us are under economic pressure. If we would like to do something special for ourselves and or for our family and friends without breaking the bank, Mary Poppins would be an excellent choice. A great show and BFV prices. Would love to have your feedback.

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