Thursday, June 11, 2009


Claudia received a call from Susan Rubin from Pro Travel in Florida. Susan is not only a lovely person but has been a client of Applause for over 10 years. Susan was on a tour of Vietnam and met another Travel Agent, Les Burger from Ladera Travel in California. Les is another long time client of ours and remembers fondly when Claudia got him tickets to see a new Billy in Billy Elliot in London and ended up sitting behind Sir Elton John.

Anyway to make a long story short, they started talking about tickets and both raved that they had the best Ticket people for the US and for London. As it turned out they recommended Applause to each other and both laughed at the whole situation.

On a personal level, my wife was at a fund raising function in New Jersey and one of the people at the table was a Travel Agent. My wife said that her husband works for a great Ticket Agency for New York and London tickets. The Travel Agent said: Thanks but I have a great Ticket Agency in NYC and I really do not want to change. My wife said: May I give you a card in case you ever need it. My wife gave the card to the Travel Agent and he started laughing and replied: This is the Agency I have been using for years. They both laughed.

I hope you don't feel I am showing off but we have had so many stories like this. When we first started the company almost 22 years ago, a woman who was married to the Director of Personnel for Xerox Latin America called for some hard to get tickets. We were able to get her the tickets she wanted and suddenly, we found ourselves getting more and more customers from Latin America. The business world in South America is a close knit unit.

I think I have told you enough stories for now. I hope we get to give you a nice story of your dealings with Applause.

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