Thursday, June 18, 2009


I don't want to show off but in many ways we are very proud. When we first started Applause we started keeping track of famous people: royalty, movie stars, sports celebities, politicians, authors, and other renowned people who became clients of Applause. I am sure you realize that many people use celebrities to sell their product. I guess you can say I am trying to do the same. However, these people could use any ticket broker in the world and they chose Applause. I really think it is because of our reputation for service and our knowledge of the theatre and of New York City.
The title of this blog is not a joke. We got a call that the Queen of Spain was on a private visit to New York City and wanted to see a show. I called the theatre and told them that the Queen of Spain wanted to see the show that night. The treasurer told me that they only had box seats left. I told him that was perfect because Kings and Queens always sit in box seats. It is more private and is much easier to protect than an open seat. The Queen was very pleased and sent us a signed picture of the King and her to let us know how happy she was with the tickets. To be honest we didn't do anymore for her than we would have done for any of our clients.

Give Applause the opportunity to treat you like royalty.

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