Thursday, June 25, 2009

New Customers

In the five years that I have worked at Applause I have spoken to thousands of customers about everything from how to get tickets to their favorite shows to suggestions on things to do during their trip to New York City. Let's be honest most people don't buy on their first call. Not there's anything wrong with that. I do the same thing. It's called comparison shopping. We all do it. Now making sure they call back is what we are after. Besides myself we have five people in my office who sell tickets. On Sundays I work alone. During the week we sell the most tickets with Saturday and Sunday being the slowest sales days. However it may surprise you that on those days I get a lot of new customers. By having less calls I am able to spend more time with each customer. As I said before not everybody is going to buy on that first call. The thing is to make sure that before they hang up you have provided them with the best customer service and the confidence in what you are speaking about. If you can do that the rest is easy.

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