Friday, June 12, 2009


When Applause was just a few years old, we received a call from a client telling us that she had three pairs of tickets for next week and she had just been diagnosed with Breast Cancer and would not be able to come to New York and would appreciate it if we could cancel her tickets. We told her that we were very sorry to hear that and hope she would be better soon and we cancelled the tickets. We normally put tickets up for resale. However, we figured the woman had enough problems without worrying about money.

A few years later, we received a call from this client. She told us that she was in remission and and it looks like she had won the battle. We told her how happy we were for her and she thanked us again for refunding her tickets. She then proceeded to tell us some of the people to whom she had recommended us. Some of them ended being some of our best clients. One of the women was President of her town's Garden Club and the whole club made a trip to New York.

As it turned out we were stuck for a pair of tickets but we ended up earning new clients who have been faithful to Applause and have continued to recommend us to others.

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