Tuesday, June 30, 2009


I remember well how my parents and grandparents were always telling us to save money. They then proceeded to tell us what life in the Depression was like. It was serious, I mean people being hungry. Then my generation the baby boomers kind of lived life on both sides: the Depression and the boom after the World War II. Then came the Yuppies where money was no object. I think we know that that is all over. There was a joke in the office because I refused to buy coffee from Starbucks. I used to pay 60 cents for a cup of coffee until Starbucks came along. I resented them because now we pay almost a dollar more because merchants saw people buying coffee at Starbucks. Over 600 Starbucks have closed down as people return to the corner coffee shop.

Applause has the same role in the ticket world. We are not Starbucks. We are the corner coffee shop selling the same tickets as the competition but at prices BELOW FACE VALUE(BFV). All of us are touched in someway or other by the economic situation. I apologize for bringing this up because I know so many people are out of work and have to worry where the next meal and the next mortgage payment come from. On the other hand, keeping Broadway going keeps millions of people employed. People come to New York City for Shopping, Sightseeing and Broadway Shows.

There are many people who do not have to worry about money and there are companies that service their needs. Our market are those who want to spend their money in the best way possible. When you are looking for a Broadway show, shop around. But PLEASE make sure you comparison shop and check Applause. Aside from the money saved, Applause promises you excellent service and a staff of Broadway experts. Let BFV become a motto for you when thinking about a Broadway show.

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