Friday, June 26, 2009


Before the airlines decided to stop paying commissions to travel agents, Applause had over 43,000 travel agents in our data base. We were honored to be chosen by Travel Agents as their source of theatre tickets for their clients. The staff knew we were chosen because of our pleasantness (one agent told us you sound like New Yorkers but you are so pleasant), our expertise and our reputation of reliability. A travel agent could lose a very important client if there were a problem with Theatre Tickets. Applause paid the smallest commission per ticket of any Ticket Agency, not because we were cheap but because we usually also charged the lowest price for our tickets. The Travel Agents could make a much larger commission from other Ticket Agencies but it was not worth the risk to them. Their clients would have had to pay more for the tickets if they used another Ticket Agency and they would be upset if the tickets were not to their satisfaction or were not there. We never closed until we were sure that all of our clients were seated in the theatre.

We all know that all the information one could possibly want is on the Internet. The problem is deciding which one to believe. The travel agent usually has the knowledge and expertize to give us this information. While many Travel Agents now have to charge a fee, many times it is worth it to make sure you choose the right venue, the right hotel, etc. And most likely they will get your tickets from Applause.

Bon Voyage

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