Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Applause Theater Service and The 2009 Tony Awards

This years Tony Awards has been successful promoting Broadway theater.

I've been in Broadway theater ticket sales for 3 decades now. In that time I have seen in person or on television every years presentation of the Tony Awards. The Tony Awards recognize outstanding excellence in the Broadway theater.

The theater industry has held up remarkably well during the current economic recession. We have had the great fortune of most theaters being filled with shows this year. Many of them have had stars appearing like Brian Dennehy, Susan Sarandon, Jeffrey Rush, Joan Allen, Jeremy Irons, James Gandolfini, Hope Davis, Jeff Daniels, Will Farrell, Marcia Gay Harden, Oliver Platt, Lauren Graham, Craig Bierko, Nathan Lane, Matthew Broderick and others as well. The star names certainly helped bring much attention to the shows. The producers that had name talent were brilliant as even though the travel industry is down, the local tri-state area that makes up Broadway couldn't resist coming to Broadway.

So the many movie stars and Broadway regulars have helped Broadway remain the vibrant art that it always has been. Applause has been doing its part in promoting Broadway in its blogs, on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube but mostly by just good old fashioned "word of mouth".

So now that you know Broadway is "alive and kicking", maybe you have time to take someone you care about to a live Broadway Show. Right now, the folks at Applause Theater Service in New York have a unique promotion that is helping keep ticket buyers money in their pockets and the theater filled just like it has been before the recession began.

If you think you may want to see a Broadway Show, please consider giving Applause Theater Service a call. They are a New York State licensed theater ticket expert. Check out their BELOW FACE VALUE ticket offering for more than 20 Broadway Shows. You get to obtain the best seats for less than the regular price of admission. And you get to experience good old fashioned New York City service. The way things used to be.

We love Broadway. When you're ready to see a show you can call us in New York at 212-307-7050. Take care now.

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Vice President
Applause Theater Service
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