Thursday, June 04, 2009

My Favorite Show Of The Year

This years Tony nominee for Best Play and my favorite show of this season is reasons to be pretty. The show which marks the Broadway debut of playwright Neil Labute was also nominated for Best Actor(Thomas Sadoski)and Best Featured Actress(Marin Ireland)

I found the show to be totally fascinating from the very beginning and thought that all four actors were outstanding in their roles. Now is the show for everybody? Probably not. If lots of profanity and male and female bashing is not your thing then this is probably not the show for you. I personally think that the show is one of the most realistic plays that I have ever seen.

The dialogue and the relationships ring true and I am pretty sure that is the case for most of the people that have seen the show. Now even with it's nominations it is struggling at the box office. I'm afraid if it doesn't win the Tony it may not be around much longer and that would really be a shame. So why not give reasons to be pretty a try? Who knows? You might like it. I know I did.


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