Friday, June 05, 2009


I would like to point out that the majority of tickets for Theatre, Sporting Events and Concerts are sold by Middlemen who do not carry any inventory of tickets. They purchase these tickets from a ticket broker and then mark them up to provide them with a profit margin and to pay their advertising costs.

Applause is a ticket broker licensed by the State of New York (our license number is 71AP1001029). The license fee is $5000 a year (another tax you are paying without realizing it.) Applause has had one complaint to the Department of Consumer Affairs in over 21 years. The complaint was because the gentleman sitting behind our client was smoking a cigar. We offered to refund the price of the ticket but the client wanted damages. We thought this was unreasonable as we had no idea that the man behind our client would be smoking a cigar.

With our reputation, the quality of service and our reasonable prices without a middleman and below face value of the ticket in most cases, we would like you to bring your business to us and to recommend us to your family, friends and business associates.

Have a great weekend,

Bill Stolting

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