Monday, June 01, 2009


Last week the Early Show on the CBS networks discussed the most expensive shows on Broadway. They were talking about the secondary broker market. As you know we are in a marketing campaign to show our customers how we are able to sell tickets for most Broadway shows at a cost below the face value of the ticket. I just wanted to point out that even when we are unable to provide tickets below face value because of their great popularity and scarcity we are still almost half the price of the major competition.

All of us, no matter our economic level, are looking to be as careful as possible in spending money. It has always been a joke in the office that I would not buy coffee from Starbuck's. (I am the President of Applause) However, it is amazing how many of the gang at Applause have moved on to more economic lattes and have left Starbuck's behind.

Please make sure you compare our prices with any other offer you might receive. In addition to excellent service, you will also receive an excellent price.

Bill Stolting
Applause Theatre and Entertainment Service, Inc.
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Suite 601
New York, NY 10036
212-307-7050 or 1-800-451-9930

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