Wednesday, July 08, 2009

39 Steps Broadway Ticket Deals

For anyone that hasn't had a chance to see one of the few plays on Broadway since early 2009, now might be a great time to see 39 Steps. 39 Steps is a very funny "whodunit" play which is based on Alfred Hitchcock's original film. 39 Steps tells the tale of an innocent bystander by the name of Richard Hannay who zooms across the country trying desperately to solve a mysterious crime. He needs to figure things out quickly before everything gets blamed on him. The show is often referred to as part "spy novel" and part "espionage thriller" with a "dash of Monty Python" as well. 39 Steps was a big hit in London a while back and seems to be selling very well the last 6 months with a great word of mouth campaign. Only four actors take on over 150 different roles in this show.

39 Steps was created by an original concept by Simon Corble and Nobby Dimon based on the book by John Buchnan.

Right now the show is on sale just about most of the way through 2009. Our company, Applause Theater Service is a locally licensed (NY State license #71AP1001029) ticket agency that considers itself the local expert for Broadway Shows. Whether you need great seats or just a "get in the theater" inexpensive type seat, Applause is pleased to say "we think that we have the best seats, prices and customer service" in the New York City area.

As of today, Applause is extending its specially discounted seats for 39 Steps through all performances through October 4, 2009. Simply put, a call to Applause will get you top priced seating for 39 Steps at Below Face Value prices. What this means is our customers get to buy seats at "below cost". And why can we do this? The show has been playing for several months and with Broadway being more of a "musical" type theater-going market, this allows 39 Steps to fill up their theater with paying customers, even if they are discounting their tickets.

In the end, Applause searches all the best Broadway ticket deals around, then from time to time offers these discounted ticket prices to folks planning on seeing 39 Steps or one of the over 25 major Broadway productions in New York City.

39 Steps plays everyday but Mondays. So if 39 Steps sounds like a show you may want to see live on a Broadway stage or you think you may want to choose another Broadway Show, we welcome the opportunity to be of service to you or someone you know that loves Broadway theater.

Good luck, we look forward to your call to our team of Broadway Experts. Our local phone is 212-307-7050 or toll free at 800-451-9930. We are here for you seven days a week, 365 days a year.

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