Wednesday, July 15, 2009


A few weeks ago I mentioned that Her Majesty the Queen of Spain was a client of Applause. I forgot about the Queen of Denmark, who is actually the reigning monarch of Denmark was also a customer( Her husband is not the King). Since that time I have gotten many requests asking what other famous people were or are clients of Applause. Unfortunately some of our famous customers have passed away. One of our favorites was Isabel Sanford from The Jeffersons She was so much fun to deal with and we all really miss her.

I should tell you that the building where we have our office is populated by many companies who produce and rehearse Broadway shows. I was in the elevator once with Lauren Bacall, Rosemary Harris and France Sternhagen. Three charming lovely people.
We always try to act that we are used to celebrities and usually just say good morning or good afternoon but we were excited to see these three ladies. You hear stories about some of the Divas today. For example people working with some of the Divas today are supposed to turn around when they pass by. They are not supposed to look at the Divas. In our experience we have never come across this with some of the stars of yesteryear. My wife and sister in law asked Claudette Colbert( who is a customer of Applause)for her autograph. It started to rain and she invited them into her limo so they wouldn't get wet.

Let me give you a sample of some of our famous clients. I will try to give you famous people from different areas:

Bette Midler...Ryan O'Neal...Georgio Armani...Martin Short...Ralph Lauren

Dr Spock...The Aga Khan...Alan King...Samuel Goldwyn...Marcello Mastroianni

Pat Morita...Ralph Macchio...Arnold Palmer...Muhammed Ali...Zubin Mehta...JFK Jr

Paul Matisse...Jim Carrey...Orville Redenbacher...Harrison Ford...Madonna

That is just a sample. If Applause had to pay a testimonial fee from these customers we would have to pay millions of dollars. The fact that they are our customers speaks volumes and is testimonial enough. I left out a lot of famous people . I will put them in another time. There are so many to choose from. I should mention that Ann Rutherford one of the few surviving cast members from Gone with the Wind was also a client of Applause. Don't worry I have plenty more interesting clients.

I hope that this acts as a testimonial to make you even more confident to join our list of great clients. By the way we treat everyone the same. Maybe we just get a little more excited when Madonna or JFK Jr calls.

Don't forget Applause for the best service and the best prices and the friendliest, most knowledgeable people.

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