Monday, July 13, 2009

Rock Of Ages Redefines Broadway

Now before everybody gets on my case about the title of my blog I should probably explain myself. Look I know Rock of Ages is a Broadway show. Duh. What I mean is that the show itself is not your typical show nor is the audience that it caters too. People who have never seen a Broadway show have been flocking to the the theatre ever since the show first opened this past Spring. That is what makes the show so different and unique. Rock of Ages is a celebration of the 80's and all it's grittiness's. It's sexy and raunchy and allows you to have fun and let go of all your inhibitions.(It's a good thing they serve alcohol during the show to help you along)Is the show good for young kids? Probably not but why are you taking your kids in the first place? Enjoy a night out on the town for once. Remember what is was like to have fun and let your hair down. That is what Rock of Ages is all about. Bret Michaels got it right."Don't need nothing but a good time." I couldn't have said it better myself.

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