Monday, July 27, 2009

West Side Story-Broadway Goes Bilingual

Some of you may have heard that the new revival of West Side Story is in Spanish. Now don't worry. The whole show is not in Spanish. Just a few songs and some dialogue. Now having seen the movie many times over the years I knew all the songs going in so it really didn't phase me. Now for those of you who think that they will be lost I have good news for you. The English lyrics are printed in the program so if you have any doubt as to what the heck they are saying then you are good. The dialogue is minimal and you can pretty much figure out what they are saying by their body language and facial expressions. It amazes me that so may people seem to be turned off when they hear that some of the show is in Spanish. Personally I think it adds another layer to the show and makes it even more powerful. It does not and should not keep you from enjoying this stunning production of one of Broadway's most beloved musicals.

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