Friday, July 17, 2009

Applause Theater Service-Making Broadway Ticket Buying Easier

I spoke to a regular ticket buying customer of mine. Her name is Gayle from Connecticut. Gayle started buying tickets from Applause about 2 years ago after my friend Steve told her about my ticket service. Steve tells everyone he meets about his friend Rich Gladstone, The Broadway Ticket Man. Some call me, some use other ticket services.

So anyway, Gayle calls me and says "Rich, I want to take my friends and family to see Hair The Musical on Friday August 14th. Can you get us some great seats". I said "Gayle, I have 2 suggestions for you, first I can get you excellent seats right now for around $180.00 each or we can wait a week or two and obtain seats for a discount of around $50.00 less each ticket". Gayle simply said "Rich, do whatever you have to as long as the seats are good seats and let me know".

So I have an order sitting on my desk for Gayle which I will fill with the very best available seats. I will buy them at a discount that the Broadway Shows offer from time to time. Then I will add on a reasonable service charge for my company's efforts and sell them to Gayle at a far reduced price. What could be better than this type of customer experience?

As we all live in a time of economic uncertainty and witness many stores having all kinds of sales, Applause takes the approach of always offering "the best seats at the best prices". This concept coupled with Applause's trademark of "excellent customer service", has allowed us to continue our successful ticket agency for nearly 22 years now. We don't believe in charging high prices. We believe in treating shoppers and customers the way we ourselves want to be treated when we shop.

Many of us feel that the Internet has made it easier to buy Broadway tickets but I personally think it has made it more confusing. When you click on a show and a date for a Broadway Show, you usually see dozens of sets of inventory at many different prices. I am an experienced ticket buyer for my own company and some times it is difficult to figure out which seat and price is better than the next offering.

So where am I going with this discussion? It's simple really. Applause Theater Service (New York State license # 71AP1001029) has been around a long time, much longer than most others claiming they're legit ticket brokers. We find ourselves being in the position of being one company that sells tickets among hundreds of companies these days. How will we help Applause "stand out" from all this competition?

The answer is a simple one. Customers like my friend Steve or Gayle from Connecticut will tell dozens of people they come into contact with to call my little ticket agency called Applause. It's really the best marketing we could have. People telling other people that Applause is "friendly, knowledgeable and trustworthy". We couldn't ask for more than that.

So this blog is to say thanks to the Applause Theater Service community of fans that like and appreciate our ticket service. If we can be of service to you when your plans include a visit to a Broadway Show, we hope you'll call us locally in New York at 212-307-7050 or toll free at 800-451-9930, seven days a week, 365 days a year.

Take care now.

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