Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Customers talk back with Todd


I have to tell you one of the things I personally dislike...Is answering machines and recorded messages. Anyone who knows me knows that I refuse to leave a message on an answering machine. If I can't talk to you live then I will wait until I can reach you. It is frustrating, as no one answers their phones anymore. I also don't like when I call a place and a receptionist says "I am sorry they are on the line may I have them call you back"...Noooo, I will hold until they are available.
These days it really does seem rare that anyone answers a phone or in the case of many websites even lists a phone number.

I had a call from a customer this morning, she said hello, hello, hello...I said, Hi how may I help you? She gasped "ohhhh you are not an answering machine. I thought you were a recording and I am so happy that I have real live person." (I get that alot...guess it is my soothing voice that makes people think I am a recording.) She said my head is spinning from looking at all of these ticket sites and all of the different prices and I just need to talk to someone, but have not been finding any phone numbers on websites...yours is the first. Or the ones I find all have recorded messages saying leave a message and someone will call you back. She said you know, tickets to a Broadway show cost far too much money to not be able to ask a few questions first. I told her I am happy to answer any questions you can ask. I did proceed to tell her that we are a NY State licensed ticket broker in NYC and that any questions she may have I am sure I can answer or find an appropriate answer for, as well as offering some great suggestions on what to see and do (and my favorite) where to eat. She said I am sooooo happy I found you today.

We then discussed the many options of seats that were available for WICKED and the pros and cons of sitting in a Mid Mezzanine seat as opposed to a Front Mezzanine or orchestra seat. The first pro being that you can save a lot of $$$ for a seat that still has a great view.

She was very happy to get all of her questions answered and book the theatre tickets she wanted to WICKED.
If you like talking to a person as well, call me at APPLAUSE 800-451-9930. I am here and happy to help you as well.

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