Thursday, July 23, 2009

Get Your Tickets To See West Side Story On Broadway

Still haven't seen West Side Story yet? Well don't worry because based on the boffo business it is doing every week you can expect it to be around for a very long time.The show which was nominated for a Tony Award for Best Musical Revival received glowing reviews in Washington D.C. prior to it's Broadway run which began this past March. I'll admit I had very mixed feelings about the show. As far as the music goes it sounded as good as I have ever heard it. Now while some of the performances weren't as strong as they should have been all in all it was pretty good. Karen Olivo who plays Anita and won a much deserved Tony Award for her performance is worth the price of admission alone. Tickets are selling well but the good news is that Applause has availability for all dates. Call now and get your tickets to see West Side Story on Broadway. It is one of Broadway's most beloved musicals after all.

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