Thursday, July 23, 2009

Next To Normal-Broadway's Most Emotional Show

Winner of 3 2009 Tony Awards is Next To Normal. The show which received outstanding notices from critics and audiences alike has been selling out nightly since it opened at the Booth Theatre this past Spring. Todd, who is a co-worker of mine has seen the show several times and thinks that it is one of the most touching and moving shows he has seen in a long time. I admit I was a bit skeptical about seeing the show when it was first announced but I am so glad that I went. The show which won the Tony Award for Best Score features an eclectic mix of Pop,Rock,and Country music. Being a composer myself I really enjoyed the mix of styles and am happy that a show like Next To Normal is finding success on Broadway. Now I know some people may find the subject matter a little depressing and perhaps too real at times. That's what makes it so different and if I dare say appealing. Real life is not perfect. We all know that. No one ever said it was. That's why we should embrace shows like Next To Normal. The future of Broadway is in your hands.

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