Thursday, July 09, 2009


The Internet is a wonderful thing. Do you remember all the trips to a Library when you had a project to do. Now you have everything at your fingertips. However, that is the problem. You have EVERYTHING. For most of us Broadway shows are special events. The price of tickets and the cost of a visit to New York City are such that we tend to limit our visits to the theatre. However, we want to make sure that the decisions we make are the correct decision.

Applause has been in business for almost 22 years. You don't stay in business that long unless you have an impeccable reputation. Applause has had its rough times. The two most difficult times were September 11 and the present recession. I don't mean to diminish September 11 to a business thing. In fact three employees of Applause had close relatives perish in that tragedy. The reputation of Applause has allowed us to survive and we offer this reputation to you to assist you in choosing the shows you wish to see at the best price.

Many times the staff of Applause has performed a valuable service to our customers in helping them choose a show. We had a Baptist minister that wanted to bring a group from his Church to see Angels in America. I think he was quite grateful when we explained the story line to him. Telling a father that he might be embarrassed taking his 12 year old daughter to see Miss Saigon. Many times we will have parent say that my daughter is very mature and go ahead and take them anyway. However, we feel we are doing our duty.

Applause's staff knows most of the theatres by heart. They give advice on which seats to take. The pros and cons. We had a grandmother taking her 6 grandchildren to Mary Poppins. I advised her to take the front mezzanine side seats. She called back to tell me how thrilled the children were when Mary Poppins left the stage and flew right on top of the children. She told me that she was hesitant to take my advice but we had been recommended by her best friend/Maid of Honor from 44 years ago. She said how glad she was she followed our advice. I have to tell you a funny anecdote. A customer called for the first time to ask when the Radio City Christmas Tree would be lighted. She said do y'all know when they light the Christmas tree. Liz who is from Brooklyn said please hold on and I will check. The customer said. I am sorry do "youse guys" know when they light the Christmas Tree at Rockefeller Center. She felt she had to translate for us New Yorkers. That reminds me that another client told us that they can't believe we are located in New York City. You are all so friendly and helpful.

Applause would like to ask you to take advantage of our expertise and knowledge and equally important our BFV(BELOW FACE VALUE) policy wherever and whenever possible. Let us assist you in your journey through the Internet in choosing a show and make sure that your experience is a happy one.

Bill Stolting
Applause Theatre and Entertainment Service, Inc.
311 West 43rd Street
Suite 601
New York,NY 10036
212-307-7050 or 1-800-451-9930

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