Tuesday, July 14, 2009

New York City Vacation Packages- The Travel Agents Friend

Can you have a better "brand name" than New York City Vacation Packages?

I have known the staff and owners of NYCVP personally for many years now. NYCVP stands for New York City Vacation Packages. The gang over at NYCVP are experts at providing hotel rooms, sightseeing, meals and Broadway Show tickets to the travel agency trade. The unique thing about NYCVP is that they specifically focus their area of "tour packaging" to New York City. Most of the tour operators that sell New York hotel and theater type packages to the travel trade sell many cities, not just New York.

The folks at New York City Vacation Packages have all the tools a travel agent needs today to secure the very best "all-inclusive" land package arrangements for a vacation in New York City. NYCVP has a fantastic newly updated brochure for travel agents with very specific hotel package pricing and property information on lots of hotels in New York City. They have recently created a fun-filled, short 10 minute video loaded with important information from Joel Cohen, their Vice President. Mr. Cohen has recently been quoted as saying "people will not give up vacation travel. They may not go as far, stay as long or spend as much, but they certainly will not give up their vacation. I believe that people will want to go to a destination where they can pack allot into a little less time. New York fits that description perfectly". I personally agree with Mr. Cohen's expert opinion and can tell you that NYCVP has hotel and theater packages with terrific sightseeing additions for any budget. Depending on the season you may wish to visit New York, they will do their very best to secure the finest travel arrangements for you and your family's visit to The Big Apple.

Before you call Joel and his gang of New York City hotel package experts, you may want to have a good look at their web site. You can view some real testimonials from their past customers as well as read a ton of superb information about New York City on their very popular NYCVP blog. I just spent an hour on the site myself and still want to go back to it to gather some other interesting facts about New York City that I didn't know. And I live here myself!

In addition to their blog, you can often read about New York City Vacation Packages in Travel Trade Magazine and Home Based Trade Magazine. Often mentioned in these trade magazines that travel agents subscribe to are NYCVP's "special" New York City packages that include New York Yankees baseball ticket packages, US Open Tennis ticket packages, Thanksgiving 2009 and Macy's Parade packages and some very unique Broadway Show inclusive packages.

I addition to the faith you can place in NYCVP's staff of nearly 20 New York City vacation package experts and their vast experience at selling New York City as a destination for over 11 years now, you should know that NYCVP are members of many well known travel trade organizations. They include memberships in NTA, ASTA, NYC & Company, NACTA, New York State Travel & Vacation Association, ASTA Tour Operator Protection program, OSSN, Ensemble Travel Group as well as the Better Business Bureau.

New York City Vacation Packages can be reached by calling them toll free at 877-NYC-trip. Their amazing web site is only a click away at http://www.nyctrip.com/ .

Feel free to tell them that their friends from Applause Theater Service suggested you call. I hope this information was helpful to you, your friends and family whenever your plans include a vacation to New York City.

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