Friday, July 10, 2009

Hugh Jackman and Daniel Craig star in A Steady Rain on Broadway this Fall of 2009

Hold onto your seats. I really mean that theater friends. They could be worth a small fortune in a matter of days. Although most of the Broadway Shows that play are readily available, I am predicting that A Steady Rain will be one of the most popular shows of 2009. And why is this you might ask?

When you put Hugh Jackman, previously on Broadway in The Boy From Oz and also the star playing "Wolverine" in the X-Men series of films, together with Daniel Craig, who plays the big screen's modern day "James Bond", you get a huge interest in people from all over the world buying tickets to their Broadway Show. The show is called A Steady Rain and is a brand new two character play (only an hour and a half with no intermission), about two cops from Chicago that are friends for many years as they look at both of their versions of some very difficult days that had a great impact on their lives.

Although no one in the theater industry knows much about A Steady Rain so far, we learned that John Crowley will direct and that the show might not be appropriate for younger teenagers. Apparently there is a good deal of profanity, some politically-incorrect language and mature subject matter as well.

A Steady Rain will play from its first preview date of September 10, 2009 for 12 weeks only. It is this very short 12 week period that will make this show a "hard to get" and most likely, fairly expensive seat. Our little ticket agency Applause already received dozens of calls and several orders for the show which we will try to secure tickets for as best we can.

If you decide you might want to obtain tickets to A Steady Rain for yourself and don't know what to do, may I suggest you consider calling on Applause Theater Service in New York City? We are a locally licensed (license #71AP1001029) New York State ticket agency selling tickets for every Broadway Show. If you get your seats soon, you'll get to pay the usual Applause prices, which are reasonable. Once the entire engagement "sells out" of all their inventory, you'll have no choice but to pay "secondary market" prices. Which for A Steady Rain could be lots of money. It's just my opinion but after 31 years selling Broadway tickets, its likely going to happen.

If A Steady Rain is a show you want to see, give us a call at 212-307-7050 or toll free at 800-451-9930 or checkout our web site if you get a chance.

If your plans include some of the other top Broadway Shows, here's an up-to-date listing of everything we know that is playing or going to be playing throughout the Fall of 2009. For some discount tickets, have a look at the BFV promotion. It stands for Below Face Value. It will save you lots of money on many of the Broadway Shows you might want to see.

I hope this information was helpful to you, your friends or your family. Remember to say the TicketMan sent you when you call us.

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