Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Now is the Best Time to Catch the 2006 Best Musical Winner "Jersey Boys" on Broadway with Applause!

One of the most well-liked musicals to hit Broadway over the past few years is Jersey Boys. It is a superb show, and one that will entertain everybody. It is bright, happy and a large amount of fun. The music is fantastic - you could end up dancing in the aisles. Do what you can to get tickets at a great price with Applause so you do not miss out.

I couldn't wait to see Jersey Boys when it first came out in 2006 because I knew I liked the music, which is superb, and knew a little about the area it is set in and a bit about the Four Seasons. Those boys were an engaging bunch to say the least. Their private likenesses are likely more clear to most than their differences, but how they came together against amazing odds to become a music sensation is a really rather incredible story.

You will be thrilled by the telling of the story, which is done through an effective mixture of both spoken word and song, and plenty of hilarious jokes. I nicknamed it "Soprano's the Musical"! Lots of F bombs thrown out in the show, so you may want to be careful if you're thinking about taking the youngins! You can pick up some engaging trivia about the group, for example which current Hollywood star basically introduced two key members of the group or how “Sherry,” the group’s first massive hit came into being, and which very superstar galvanized the song “Big Girls Don’t Cry.” Lots of their songs and other popular songs of the era are performed by a very talented cast.

People return to see this show over and over again! Right now during the week you can get in to see the show at an amazing price! Run to see it. And if you call now, some great deals are available with Applause Theatre Service! Tickets for this show and all Broadway shows(including London productions) can be purchased by calling a sales expert live at 800-451-9930. Ask for the Below Face Value Deals for most Broadway shows this Summer!!

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