Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Customer Story

Yesterday I received a call from a very nice lady who was making a last minute trip to New York and wanted to see a couple of shows. Her first choice was Billy Elliot which she had been dying to see ever since she saw a clip on the Tony Awards last month. Her second show was Jersey Boys which she had seen on two prior occasions but wanted to take her husband who had never seen it. The Billy Elliot tickets we had in stock so I sold her two very nice seats in the Rear Mezzanine. Now when most people here the word Rear Mezzanine their usual reaction is,"Oh I can't sit in the nosebleed. I won't be able to see anything." Believe it or not Broadway has the smallest theatres anywhere in the country. Anyway back to the customer. She was thrilled with the seats and even better she was excited to get them at a great price. After taking care of Billy Elliot is was time to work on getting her good seats for Jersey Boys. There was only one problem. All they had left for the Wednesday matinee was Partial View. Guess what? She didn't care. As I said she had already seen the show twice and was just so happy to see it again and treat her husband that she took them. Just to let you know partial view for Jersey Boys are not bad. In fact partial view for most shows are not that bad either. Plus you pay less for those seats. So you see it's a win-win situation. She got to see both shows and save a little money too. Another satisfied customer at Applause. Maybe you'll be next.

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