Friday, July 03, 2009

Applause Theater Service & its Broadway Customers Are Happy Customers Now

Let me explain the 3 main reasons why consumers shopping for Broadway Show tickets in New York City are happy customers of the theater these days. It's simple really:

1. Applause's friendly and expert service is 2nd to none.
2. Applause is one of the few licensed New York State ticket companies with over 21 years of experience (New York State license #71AP1001029).
3.Applause offers the very best prices-simply shop around and see for yourself.

An example of one of Applause's customer service stories that I'm speaking of is when I spoke to a new Applause caller today. Her name is Anne Smith from upstate New York. Anne asked me for tickets to see Hair The Musical for a Saturday evening in July. When I quoted her the Applause retail price, along with the seat locations (which were very nice in the orchestra section), she seemed pleased. Right after this I mentioned that if she was flexible in her schedule, that I could obtain seats for her at a savings of over $60.00 a ticket for the same very good seating placement in the theater (except she'd need to attend the 2pm matinee). Although she was about to purchase the evening tickets at a higher price, she asked me if I was certain that I could get the same selection of seating for the "discounted" performance of Hair The Musical. When I assured her that she would get really good seats, she went ahead and made a purchase.

I know what some people might be thinking at this point, something like "what's the catch"? To make a long a long story short, we secured excellent center orchestra seats for Anne and put them in the mail to her this afternoon. Needless to say, we have a new, and very happy Applause Theater Service customer.

There are hundreds of online and some brick and mortar companies that sell tickets these days all over the country. I have been in the ticket selling business for 31 years myself. Although lots of change has occurred in my career, I really believe that shoppers and customers that are looking for the best value when buying Broadway tickets, might not really know where to shop.

So they go to Google, Yahoo, MSN or an online shopping service and type in the Broadway Show they are interested in seeing. Then they get a list of 10 or more different companies to search out. After a while, the differences are hard to tell, aren't they. The seat numbers and prices all start to blend and look alike.

At our small, friendly Broadway ticket company in New York City, we like to talk to potential Broadway theater-goers first, offer good information with expert advice on where to consider sitting in the theater and what possible "discount offerings" some of the shows have. Our Below Face Value ticket deal (becoming well known as BFV) now offers nearly 20 shows at an extreme discount.

We hope you'll consider calling our ticket service when your plans include a trip to the Broadway theater. I know our new customer Anne Smith is happy she did.

Rich Gladstone
Applause Theater Service
311 West 43rd Street, suite 601
NY,NY 10036
local phone 212-307-7050
toll free 800-451-9930

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