Friday, July 03, 2009

Statue Of Liberty Crown To Reopen On July 4

That's right all you tourists and fellow New Yorkers.This will mark the first time that the public will be allowed to visit the crown since the devastating attacks of 9/11. On July 4 at 9am there will be a special ribbon-cutting ceremony to be followed by a performance by the City Lights Youth Theatre. Sasha Allen who is featured in the Broadway revival of Hair will also be on hand to perform the song "Huddled Masses" in honor of this special event. Having lived in New York City for almost eighteen years you would think that I would have made it to see Lady Liberty at least once. Sadly I have not. When you live in New York it's easy to forget how many great things there are to do here. The only time I play tourist is when my parents come to visit. Maybe it's time to do it again. Who knows? Maybe I'll see you there. New York City. There's no place like it.

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