Wednesday, July 01, 2009

God of Carnage is a Broadway must-see! 2009 Best New Play Tony Award Winner!

There are plenty of fireworks in this show! The words "savage" and "merciless" don't normally coexist with "hilarious" and "entertaining", but that's exactly what's currently happening on Broadway where God of Carnage is playing to packed houses. It just extended with this cast thru November 14th after taking a break July 27th thru September 7th.

Starting out as a seemingly innocent comedy about two upper middle-class couples trying to work out the problems their children had in a recent fight, only to end 90 minutes later in an all-out, no-holds-barred assault on the very foundations of our civilization.
From polite coffee-table chit chat to full body-press violence and the four cast members – Jeff Daniels, Hope Davis, James Gandolfini and Marcia Gay Harden – are all in it 110% til the end. One of the beauties of this play is the way everything keeps shifting. The person you may find the most unlikeable as the show begins is the one you're likeliest to cheer as it ends. The most righteous turns out to be the most prejudiced; the wimp turns out to be the bully and so on.
Nothing or no one is what they first seem to be. That's what makes this such a constantly fascinating piece of theatre that keeps reshaping before your eyes.
While the writing and direction are fabulous, it's the acting that blows you away. I urge you to run and see this show as soon as possible in order to see the sheer magic of these actors joined together in this production.

It's impossible to decide who to praise first. Harden(Best Actress Tony Winner this year) is front and centre with the risks she takes, going from tight-lipped "Mom" to free-swinging nut as the play progresses.
There's nothing more hysterical or braver than the way Harden throws herself on her opponents, or leaps up and down in anger when things don't go her way.
Davis is fascinating to watch, running from doe-eyed innocent to projectile vomiting worthy of a character from The Exorcist, while Daniels as her cell-phone-dependent husband works within a narrower margin of hysteria, but still finds enough ground to frighten us as well.
And then there's Gandolfini, spending a large part of the evening smiling that smile we know so well from his days as Tony Soprano. But, just like the former manager from New Jersey, Gandolfini's character here is capable of the most horrifying eruptions and if there's any doubt how close our civilized society is to the jungle, his Neanderthal rantings will eliminate them in a minute.

God of Carnage is that rare play which will not only surprise you and entertain you, but give you plenty to discuss for hours afterwards. Put this on the top of your "must-see" list in New York.

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